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You can edit the quiz design to match your store’s look & feel. Open your quiz and navigate to the “Quiz Design” tab. You can choose from any of our pre-designed themes or create your own.

Our pre-designed themes can be located in the “General Themes” tab. All themes that you’ve created or edited will appear in the “My Themes” tab. To edit a theme, click on the “theme options” button and a dropdown will appear. Click on the “Edit” option.

Our theme editor allows you to pick one of our multiple color palettes, choose from multiple fonts and add a default background image to your quiz.

Add your custom CSS

In the theme editor, click on the “add” button in the Custom CSS section. This should open an input where you can add your custom CSS to the quiz.

Your developer will be able to add custom CSS which will override the default styles of the quiz.

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