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An email question can help you gather valuable leads for marketing campaigns but at the same time, it can scare some customers away.

If you’d like only genuinely interested customers to leave their emails, you can use the “skip logic” feature.

Step 1: Add a Yes/No question

First, you should create a Yes/No question asking the customer if they would like to leave an email.

Tip: A good question to use is a GDPR type, where you can ask for consent to process data.

Step 2: Add an email question

Next, you should add an email question.

Step 3: Skip Logic

Now, let’s open the Conditional Logic menu of the email question.

In the menu select “Skip Logic” tab and click “Add Skip Logic”.

Then add a skip logic rule:

Like this:

Skip Logic Rule example.

This way, if the customer answers “Yes, I’d like to leave my email” they will be directed to the email question. If the customer answers, “No, just show me the results” they will be taken directly to the Results Page and the email question will be skipped.

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