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Product Recommendation Quiz app allows you to build a tool to recommend specific products and collections.

Our product recommendation algorithm works like a voting system. Products are linked to each choice, selected choices upvote products, and the most voted ones are shown on the results page sorted by the number of votes. If there’s a draw in the number of votes, the app will randomize the order. If no products are linked or all the products have been excluded, the results will appear empty.

More info here: https://revenuehunt.com/faqs/how-recommendation-algorithm-works/

While this algorithm works to recommend specific products, it will not automatically display an explanation of why a certain product was recommended. It also won’t automatically display custom text depending on the recommended product.

Show different text results linked to the product recommended

This functionality has to be built on the Results Page. There are a few ways to achieve it:

Use Information Recalls

You can easily recall the customer’s answers in a content block using Information Recalls which will allow the customer to understand why a product was recommended.

Check this article to learn more about Information Recalls.

Add custom JavaScript function

Probably the most elegant solution is to employ a developer to set up a custom JavaScript function that will display a specific text depending on the recommended product ID.

This article explains how to add custom JavaScript to the Product Recommendation Quiz.

Use Block Logic to show or hide text on the Results Page

It is possible to use Block Logic to show or hide text based on customer quiz answers (not products). This article explains how to set this up. While this solution can work for short simple quizzes, the logic required to build this in large complex ones is in most cases too difficult. For large complex quizzes, it is recommended to use the custom JavaScript solution.

Show Product descriptions

Alternatively, it is possible to give more information about why a certain product was recommended in the product description. It’s the description that’s synced directly from your store’s product list. You can show or hide product descriptions in the Results Page settings -> Individual Product Settings -> Show description.

For better visibility you can also truncate the product descriptions.

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