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Information Recalls make your product recommendation quiz more personal. Include responses to the previous questions on follow-up questions so your quiz feels more conversational.

A simple way to let your quiz recall information is to use someone’s name on follow-up questions and on the results page. In the quiz builder, create a Name Question:

On follow-up questions, start typing the @ symbol to display a dropdown where you can choose to recall the responses to previous questions. Click on the name question in the dropdown:

Now your customers will see the response to the name question in lieu of the _ _ _ _ placeholder when they take the quiz:

You can also display the quiz taker’s name on the Results Page by using the recall feature. Start typing the @ symbol and a dropdown with the responses to the quiz questions will appear:


You can also add it in the follow-up email with the quiz results that is sent to your customer:


Additionally, in the email subject and message, you can also recall other information like the shop name, the list of recommended products, the answers to the quiz, etc.

Add recalls from Question Settings

You can add information recalls from question settings.


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