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To show the quiz on the home page you can either:

  • embed the quiz inline with the homepage
  • add an automatic popup that will show after X seconds

Embed quiz inline with the homepage

You’ll need to use the inline embed mode to display the quiz as a section on your Homepage.

The quiz should work correctly with any verified Shopify theme. However, we’ve observed issues with the Supply theme. If you’re using the Supply theme, please try publishing the quiz on an extra test page first or contact support.

Click on the “Share” link on the top-right corner of the quiz builder. 

Select the “inline” mode and copy the HTML code in the black box.

In your Shopify store’s dashboard, navigate to Online Store > Themes and click on the “Customize” button.

Click on the “Add section” button and select “Custom content”:

Remove all the default content sections and add a “Custom HTML” section and open it:

Now paste the code you copied from our app in the “HTML” input and click on “Save”.


Automatic popup on the main page in your store

To show an automatic popup on a specific page in your store, first, generate the automatic popup code from the app’s Share -> automatic section.

Navigate to the Online Store -> Themes and click the “Customize” button. 

Add a Custom content section to your main page and edit it to your liking.

Within that section add a new Custom HTML block:

Open the Custom HTML block and paste the popup code copied from the app:

Make sure to save the changes. 

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