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The Product Recommendation algorithm works like a voting system. Products are linked to each choice. If a customer picks that choice, the linked products each receive one vote.

Learn more about the algorithm here.

Technically, our app does not support “weighted” answers, or scoring- all products receive only ONE vote. However, there is a “hack” that allows you to give more votes to a product in a given choice.

How does the “hack” work?

The “hack” requires the creation of multiple collections which will allow giving certain products more votes in the same answer.

Here’s an example: In the Link Products tab, link the SPF product.

If the customer picks choice A, the SPF will receive 1 vote.

Then, ALSO link the Suncreen(1) collection (which contains the same SPF product) in the Link Collections tab to answer A.

Now if the customer picks choice A, the SPF will receive 2 votes. Why? Because it was upvoted as a linked product AND as a part of the Sunscreen collection.


To give the SPF 3 votes, one could link another Sunscreen collection of a different name (Sunscreen 2), but which still contains the same SPF product.


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