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To find the quiz metrics go to Quiz Builder -> Metrics.

Quiz Analytics

Go to the “analytics” tab.

The data in the graphs are totals in a selected period of time for a selected quiz. You can change the period to select it from the moment you started using the quiz or from a given date.

Here’s an explanation of terms used in the Metrics section of the app:

Quiz Starts: number of people who have engaged with the quiz and have passed the first slide (clicked on the “start quiz” button or answered the first question)

Quiz Responses: number of people who have completed the quiz

Test responses (completed via the Test quiz button) are deleted from your metrics after one hour.

Completion Rate: percentage of people who have engaged with the quiz and completed it

Carts Count: number of people who have selected products and clicked on the “proceed to cart” or “proceed to checkout” button

Avg. Cart Value: average value of the products included in the carts or checkouts

Total Carts Value: total value of the products included in all the carts or checkouts. This does not represent the total value of purchases since you should expect some drop-off at checkout.

*Number of Orders (Beta): number of people who have placed an order after completing this quiz

* Total Orders Value (Beta): total value of orders placed after taking this quiz

* Avg. Order Value (Beta): average value of orders placed after taking this quiz

* To track Order values with the Shop Quiz app for Shopify, connect your quiz to the Shopify Revenue Reports via the Connect tab.

Check Quiz Drop-Off Rate

You can check the quiz question-by-question drop-off rate in the Metrics -> Drop-Off tab.


The drop-off rate is measured based on events, which are triggered whenever someone starts a quiz. Some of these start events can be blocked by adblocking plugins in browsers. If you see a difference between the number of quiz starts and the dropoff rate, that is because the number of quiz starts in the analytics tab is automatically adjusted by the algorithm to filter in also the starts blocked by the ad blocker plugin.

Check individual responses

You can check the last 100 individual responses in the Metrics -> Responses tab.


If you want to check all quiz responses from the past 90 days, you can download them as a CSV file. 

Once triggered, the system will generate the file and show you a download link in the dashboard of the app.


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