WooCommerce Error: an error occurred in the request and at the time were unable to send the consumer data.

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error: an error occurred in the request and at the time were unable to send the consumer data.

This is a common error in WooCommerce. There are a few possible causes to this issue:

  • The most common cause of this problem is that your store’s is using WooCommerce version 3.5 or earlier. Make sure you upgrade to the latest WooCommerce version before installing our plugin.
  • Your store doesn’t have a valid HTTPS/SSL certificate. Make sure you install and activate one so our app can communicate with the WooCommerce API.
  • Your website is password protected, or you’re using a “coming soon” or “site under construction” plugin that’s disabling public access to your store. This also disables API access and our app needs it to work.
  • You have a caching plugin on your store that strips the “Authorization” header. Try disabling your plugins one by one to find the one that’s causing the issue.

If you’ve tried all the above, your server is stripping the “Authorization” header.

Authorization – step 1
Authorization – step 2 – error

Important: As this pertains to configuration of your webserver and/or other WordPress plugins, RevenueHunt cannot provide support in these cases. You can try the suggestions below at your own risk. Please always consult with a web developer when making configuration changes.

In some cases, doing the following might help (some may not apply to you):

  • Review the configuration of your caching plugin and look for settings that pertain to caching or not caching headers
  • Generate a new, valid LetsEncrypt certificate for your subdomain on server level
  • Remove the Cloudflare CDN Proxy from the Subdomain (i.e. having it point directly to the IP)
  • Switch the WooCommerce Theme to “Storefront” just for the connection
  • Whitelisting our IPs that hit your API’s: our IP address is
  • Adding the following to your .htaccess file:
SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

If that does not work, contact your hosting provider.

Check if you’re using an CAFE24 hosting

The problem can be cased by CAFE24 (https://www.cafe24.com/). If you’re using Cafe24 hosting service, turn off the “SPAM Sheld” function.  After that can authenticate and use your “Product Recommandation Quiz” plug-in.


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