Boost Sales with Bundle Discounts: A Proven Strategy for E-Commerce Success

23-8-2023     Shopify Apps

Who Needs This?

E-commerce store owners who are looking to increase their sales and average order value. Those who are seeking actionable tips to improve their online business.


Running an e-commerce business comes with its challenges, and one of the most common questions is, “How can I increase sales and boost the average order value?”.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to this puzzle, you’re in the right place.

We understand the need to drive more revenue while offering value to your customers. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a powerful strategy that not only addresses this concern but can transform your sales game: bundle discounts.

Understanding Volume Bundles

Imagine enticing your customers to buy more by offering them a greater reward for purchasing higher quantities. This is the essence of volume discounts. As the number of items in their cart increases, the discount percentage rises, making it an irresistible incentive to purchase more. It’s a brilliant approach that not only boosts sales but also encourages customers to explore a wider range of your products.

The Psychology Behind Volume Bundles:

One of the key psychological triggers that volume bundles tap into is the perception of value. When customers see that they can save more by purchasing in bulk, they feel like they’re getting a better deal. This perception of value often leads to larger purchase quantities, resulting in increased order values and overall revenue.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

Volume bundles aren’t just about increasing your bottom line; they’re also about enhancing the customer experience. When customers find value in purchasing more items, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their purchases and view your brand positively. This positive experience can lead to repeat business and customer loyalty.

Leveraging Data for Optimal Bundles:

One of the secrets to successful volume bundles lies in analyzing your sales data. By understanding which products customers frequently purchase together, you can strategically create bundles that resonate with their preferences. This data-driven approach ensures that your bundles are not only attractive but also tailored to customer behavior.

Communication Is Key:

When implementing volume bundles, clear communication is vital. Ensure that customers are aware of the discount structure and the benefits of purchasing in larger quantities. Transparent communication builds trust and encourages customers to take advantage of the discounts.

Introducing: Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Ready to take action?

Discover probably the best Bundle Discount App – Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks. This app was designed to simplify the implementation of bundle discounts on your Shopify store.

Say goodbye to complex discount schemes to sell more. With this app, you can easily customize and publish tiered pricing options to your selected product pages.

Crafting Irresistible Bundle Offers

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to implement tiered discounts. This will create a sense of saving for your customers, while you can make more money.

Step1: Install the app by clicking this: link.

Step2: Once installed, apply the discount code REVENUEHUNT20 for a 20% discount.

Step3: Customize your bundle discounts (discount amounts, texts, colors and fonts)

Step4: Publish the block to all (or selected) product pages and start tracking revenue results.

The Kaching Advantage:

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks stands out in the market for the following reasons:

  • Seamless Shopify Integration: Kaching is “Built for Shopify,” offering a more integrated experience within the platform.
  • Aesthetic Tiered Pricing: Kaching emphasizes visually appealing tiered pricing, enhancing product pages.
  • Clear Revenue Tracking: Kaching provides a dashboard to track additional revenue generated by the app.
  • Diverse Discount Options: Kaching offers percentage, dollar discount, and specific price formats for more flexible discount strategies.
  • Product Eligibility Control: Kaching allows you to select which products or collections are eligible for discounts.

These advantages make Kaching a compelling choice for businesses seeking effective volume discount solutions within the Shopify ecosystem.

Real-World Success Stories

Story #1: Venom Scents ($334,450 in additional revenue)

Venom Scents managed to achieve an extraordinary milestone. This calculated approach didn’t just boost their average order value—it led to an astounding $334,450 in additional revenue directly from Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

Story #2: Koala Super-Grip Phone Cases ($432,262 Extra Revenue)

Koala, the visionary behind super-grip phone protection cases, revolutionized their revenue approach. With the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app, they wielded the art of bundling discounts, resonating deeply with customers.

Result? A resounding success—$432,262 extra revenue—showcasing the real power of strategic bundling. Koala’s story is a testament to unlocking e-commerce potential.

Story #3: Lulia Exclusive Fashion & Lifestyle ($77,854 Extra Revenue)

Lulia, the curator of unique fashion and lifestyle pieces, harnessed the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app to perfection. Through strategic bundling, they secured $77,854 in extra income. 

Elevate Your E-Commerce Strategy Today

Elevating your e-commerce strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Bundle discounts have proven to be a game-changer for businesses seeking increased sales and higher average order values.

As you’ve learned, this strategy capitalizes on customer psychology and strategic pricing. Now armed with insights, it’s time to put these strategies into action and watch your business thrive.

Ready to supercharge your e-commerce sales?

Try Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks today and experience the transformation firsthand. Unlock the power of bundle discounts and watch your revenue grow!

Don’t forget to apply REVENUEHUNT20 for a 20% discount.