The problem: 98% of visitors to eCommerce stores don’t buy

You’re the owner or marketing manager of an eCommerce, so this problem will be familiar to you. You’ve invested a great amount of time and money in driving traffic to your website. You’ve got a considerable following in Social Media, you’ve done content marketing, narrowed your Facebook Ads to target the ideal buyer persona but still, you stare at your analytics dashboard and wonder why less than 2% of your visitors end up buying.

Let’s be honest: driving traffic to your website has become extremely expensive. Cost per acquisition is higher than ever across digital channels and ROI on marketing spend makes it difficult to justify why you’re still pouring money into traffic acquisition.

However, there are brands which have cracked the code to eCommerce conversions and sales. Their secret: product recommendation quizzes.

The solution: guided selling

Before we get into details, think about the last time you went shopping. Let’s analyze a real example… how does your typical shopping experience go when you enter a cosmetics store?

The typical interaction between a cosmetics customer and a salesperson would go like this:

  1. The salesperson would ask the customer specific questions about her skin and her main concerns. Then she would listen carefully to her responses.
  2. During the consultation, the salesperson would give personalized feedback to the customer about how to accomplish her skincare goals.
  3. She would then proceed to recommend the customer a personalized skincare routine conformed by products which are perfect for her skin type and condition. She would also probably incentivize her to buy the complete regimen by offering her a discount if she takes the whole set.

Shopping is VERY personal. Every customer is unique and being engaged by a salesperson is key to a successful shopping experience. After all, the salesperson is offering a free consultation: your customer is not an expert and doesn’t know which products work best for his or her needs.

So why do we assume our customers know EXACTLY what they need when they’re looking for products on your website? After all, online shoppers need guidance about finding what they need, just like in real shops.

A Personal Shopper for your e-store

What if you could advise your customers by engaging them with a personal shopper experience on your website? That’s exactly what we do. Our app engages your customers with a Product Recommendation Quiz, improving their product discovery experience and guiding them from start to cart.

How our Product Recommendation Quiz works

Our app engages your customer just like a salesperson would do. First of all, the quiz asks your customer general questions. Every customer is unique, so once he responds to the first questions the quiz will start asking more specific questions targeted to him.

In the meantime, the app will provide him with personalized feedback and tips. Once the quiz is complete, the app gives personalized product recommendations along with a story around why the recommended products are perfect for him.

Personalize the questions you ask to guide your customers throughout their shopping experience

Check out a demo version to see how it works:

Customizing the quiz to your specific needs

Just like every customer is unique, we believe every brand has its own personality. Our app includes sample quiz template you can use for inspiration but we know you’ll probably want to edit it to match your brand’s design and communication guidelines.

Our app allows you to customize multiple aspects of the quiz. With our easy-to-use editor you can:

  • Customize the questions you ask
  • Personalize the feedback you give
  • Choose within multiple fonts and color palettes
  • Add a background image to your quiz
Customize the quiz’s design to match your e-Commerce’s look & feel

Some of our key features include:

Plug and play. Easy to install and configure. No coding required. Sell more effectively within days, not weeks.

Choose between multiple display modes (inline, button popup and link popup)
Easy to install: just copy and paste the code snippet where you want the quiz to appear.

Conditional Logic. This feature allows you to display different questions based on your customer’s previous answers. This way, your customers won’t see irrelevant questions because with Conditional Logic you can define rules automatically skip them. This leads to higher quiz completion rates, more conversions and more sales.

Set conditional rules to skip irrelevant questions

Product category slots. There are many product categories you might want to recommend simultaneously. This is feature is very useful if you want to recommend product bundles. For example, if you’re a cosmetics store, you might want to recommend a complete skincare routine (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer… )

Slots allow you to group product recommendations into different categories

Lead capture. Incentivize your customers to leave their contact details (for you to follow-up with them or retarget them with ads) in exchange for a discount on their purchase.

Optionally, you can set up your quiz to capture leads and retarget your customers

E-mail notifications. Receive an e-mail every time a potential customer gives his contact details so you can follow-up with him if needed. Your customer will also receive a link to his results in his inbox so he can come back later to finish the purchase if he hasn’t made up her mind yet.

Integrations for retargeting. Send captured leads automatically to Zapier, HubSpot or connect to any other mailing list via Zapier.

connect klaviyo hubspot zapier quiz
Automate your workflow by sending quiz results directly to your CRM

Actionable insights. Gain vital insights into consumer behavior and product preferences to drive conversions and profitability.

Case Studies

We leverage customer-provided data across many eCommerce stores and we are continually improving the product discovery experience, driving engagement, sales, lead generation and retargeting opportunities.

By using our Product Recommendation Quiz in your store you should expect:

  • Conversion rates bumped up from 2% to 5%
  • AOV increased by 20%