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◻ For beauty brands is a resource central born to provide great resources for your e-commerce.
Rooted in the belief of always doing the extra mile for our customers (and whoever needs the information!) you will find here content such as marketing strategies, design tips & tricks, how you can best use our Product Recommendation Quiz and even tutorials for third part tools. Unlock your beauty business real potential.

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How to build a
Successful Product recommendation Quiz

Find in this very useful tutorial, explained by our team, how to drive up sales by simply creating an easy, personalized quiz for your store. From the very basics of how to create your first quiz to the tips & tricks that will make this your very own personal shopper – without the need of adding someone to the payroll.


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How to build a funnel that will convert customers on autopilot

A healthy sales funnel helps you transform your site visitors from casual browsers into committed customers…

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5 ways your store can compete with big marketplaces

More than half of online shoppers still start their shopping journey on one of a few popular online marketplaces…

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Sell Skincare Products better with a Recommendation Quiz

A well-built quiz can be a real treasure of knowledge and as informative as an in-person skin consultation.

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How to Increase Sales of Skincare or Cosmetic Products Using a Shopify Quiz App

If you’re looking for a way to increase sales of your skincare or cosmetic products, look no further than using a quiz app on Shopify. Quizzes are an engaging and fun way to get customers interested in your products, and they can be used in a variety of industries to boost sales.

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Transform Your Amazing Ideas Into a Solid Beauty Business With These Proven Tips

Starting a beauty business is challenging, and most first-time business owners would have to fight a difficult battle with tough odds. To successfully launch a beauty business, you’ll need a lot of goal-getting energy, excellent people skills, unwavering persistence, and access to a variety of essential knowledge. And that’s what we’ll be revealing to you today.

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Product Quiz Success: Why it’s necessary to send follow up emails?

Almost every ecommerce company uses product recommendation quizzes to increase sales. However, not many companies send the follow up emails necessary to make sure that customers actually buy the products they are recommended

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