Mastermind Groups for eCommerce Founders Focused on Feedback and Accountability

Stay accountable, feel heard and overcome blocks.

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Join a highly vetted community for eCommerce founders and CEOs

Our community consists of members who operate some of the world's fastest growing eCommerce stores, spanning various sectors. While some are self-funded, others are supported by venture capital.

However, all our members share a common desire for a sense of belonging, support and connection with a curated group of their peers.

Onboarding for the new cohort begins soon... think you're a fit?

To join you must be a founder or CEO of an eCommerce. Each applicant is interviewed and highly vetted. Mastermind groups are created based first on industry, then on traction (revenue, growth, employees, etc).
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Curated Groups

We offer unparalleled tools for curating mastermind groups, ensuring that you become part of a peer-based eCommerce mastermind group that perfectly aligns with your needs.


Engage with fellow eCommerce founders who share your mindset, discussing your business regularly and eliminating the feeling of tackling it all by yourself.


Mastermind sessions designed for success: dedicated mastermind facilitator, productivity tools, accountability reminders and a community Q&A chat for rapid solutions.

Running a business is lonely

You have to make difficult decisions every day with imperfect information on problems you've likely never faced before.

In our experience, the best way to overcome the challenges is to learn from others and to surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs who are going through the same things as you.

Think of your mastermind group as your own personal board of directors - they give you advice, provide actionable feedback and help you accelerate the growth of your eCommerce.

Onboarding for our next cohort re-opens soon!

Join a peer-driven eCommerce mastermind group for transparent accountability, honest feedback and unwavering support.