One of the best ways to retain your existing customers and improve AOV (average order value) is using the Shopify product recommendation system. 

Shopify is currently the top eCommerce platform and the sole reason behind its popularity is the everything-at-one-place interface as well as ease of usage. The app marketplace is loaded with tons of awesome apps for boosting your sales and these apps are created to provide a personalized experience to your audience. 

We have created an ultimate guide for those who want to convert more customers. 

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What is Shopify product recommendation? 

Product recommendation is an untapped marketing technique for getting higher ROI and Shopify product recommendation, as stated, is a platform leading you. These recommendations are usually personalized according to customers for improving their overall experience. 

There are multiple Shopify apps that help you customize the user experience. Some of the best ways are:

  • Product recommendation quiz for better conversion
  • Personalized email-based product marketing 
  • Boost AOV using upsell and cross-sell apps 
  • Scale business via product subscription 

Now that you’re known to different ways Shopify product recommendation apps help you, let’s review the hand curated list.

Product Recommendation Quiz

The top reason niche stores don’t convert even after getting targeted traffic is that the customer is unable to find the product customized in accordance to his needs. Even, if you put-up tons of variations on your eCommerce store for a specific product, your audience won’t be wanting to waste their time customizing the product. 

product recommendation quiz shopify

Shopify’s Product Recommendation Quiz app is like a personal shopping assistant for you customers. It’ll ask a bunch of questions from your visitors in quiz format. Once the customer checks the MCQs, he’ll be redirected to the right products. This not only helps with conversion as well as with the cart abandonment issue. 

Product Recommendation Quiz

Drive sales, segment your customers and grow your audience

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Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

Free limit: Free (up to 500 quiz engagements / 100 quiz completions per month) 


Klaviyo is an email marketing app for delivering memorable experiences to your visitors. You can use this Shopify app for creating custom email & SMS campaigns and can also be used to build a high value relationship.

Using the Product Recommendation Quiz for Shopify app, you can create dynamic quizzes to capture leads and actionable data from your customers. This data can be sent automatically to Klaviyo to run segmented campaigns.

Plus, the 360 degree customer profiles help you know behaviours, customer actions and other details for personalizing the customer experience in a few clicks. The best part about this app is that you can recommend products using automated emails created with custom workflows. 

Klaviyo: Email Marketing

Marketing software built for your growth

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Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Free limit: Free up to 250 emails 

Wiser Product Recommendations

If you want to improve average order value using upsells and cross sells, this is the best Shopify product recommendation app you are looking for.

Wiser Product Recommendation provides multiple ways to recommend products to your customer. You can use stationary upsell or cross sell widgets, recommendation popups, thank you page recommendations and personalized email recommendation.

You’ll like the in-depth analytics that will help you track your sales like a pro. 

Wiser – Personalized Recommendations

Wiser – Upsell, Related Products, Frequently Bought Together ++

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Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Free limit: Free (until Wiser generated sales is more than $50 per month)

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

The post purchase experience will re-engage your customers. Rather than using cold email outreach with low ROI, you’ll be optimizing your thank you page for user engagement. Cross sells & upsells using thank you pages is a technique similar to abandoned cart marketing.

While the upselling & cross selling recommendation will be automated, you’ll be able to use the drag and drop interface to fully customize the page.

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

Post Purchase Sweet Upsell & Thank You Page Order Tracking

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Free plan available. 30-day free trial.

Free limit: Free up to 50 monthly orders (generated via app)


PowerBuy is geared towards recommending group purchase for a discount. PowerBuy is a smart way to integrate scarcity marketing with product recommendation. You can use the PowerBuy button as a hover display or regular button with countdown timer.

This Shopify app also allows you to check products that are available for the PowerBuy button (with bulk discount). Next, it uses Artificial intelligence and automation for recommending personalized lists of products. You’ll also be able to add a social sharing button along with a PowerBuy box.

PowerBuy ‑ Social Group Buying

Smart way to grow your customers & improve customer engagement

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Free plan available. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Also, if you notice, it offers word-of-mouth marketing to your eCommerce store.

Free limit: Free (3% commission on PowerBuy sales)

Product Recommendations PRO

Although there are tons of display based recommendation marketing but if you can’t find much, Product Recommendations PRO is a good option.

This app lets you make personalized recommendations anywhere on your eCommerce store including home, cart page, search page and more. Plus, it gives you a short code that you can use in any area for recommendation widgets.

You’ll also be able to club products for upsell which are based on best sellers, new arrivals, collections, product types, product vendors, product tags and recently viewed products.

Product Recommendations PRO

Display product recommendations anywhere on your online store

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Free limit: completely free

Also Bought

In the year 2019, Also Bought is awarded as one of the best Shopify app. You can use it for cross-selling and to recommend similar products in that niche. They use “customers who bought this item also bought” recommendations for related items. This app claims to have an Amazon-like product recommendation system.

The automated recommendations can be altered manually or via filters like collection, product type, etc. You’ll also get to decide the position of the widget on the product pages and checkout cart.

Also Bought • Cross Sell

Best related product recommendations. Awarded Best App 2019

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$9.99/month. 30-day free trial.

Free limit: 30 days free trial then (then $9.99 per month)

How to get the best out of Shopify product recommendations? 

Shopify offers a lot of marketing apps that you can couple with product recommendations and get higher ROI. 

But as mentioned, one thing you need to take care of is the theme design. Shopify theme design needs to go along with your product recommendation app. Mostly, minimal or modern product pages show good results. 

Also, you can always alter the theme based on the visual brand aesthetics for your eCommerce store. 

Additionally, the landing page needs to drive customers directly to the product he is searching for. But this specific redirection needs some development work and this is where Shopify quiz apps come in action. It provides an awesome funnel system that skyrockets your sales in no time.

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