Try Magento 2 Product Recommendation Quiz App to Boost Your Conversions

Want to boost your conversions? Check out the Magento 2 Product Recommendation Quiz app. This app makes it easy to create product recommendation quizzes that will help increase sales and get more customers through your door.
17-5-2022     eCommerce

11 Easy Ways to Promote Your Quiz and Get More People to Take It

Looking for a way to increase the number of people who take your quiz? Here are 11 easy ways you can use today!
1-4-2022     eCommerce

Product Quiz Success: Why it’s necessary to send follow up emails?

If you are an ecommerce company, then you need product recommendation quizzes. But don't forget the follow-up emails! In this article we tell why they are so important and how to create them correctly.
18-3-2022     eCommerce Sales Funnels Shopify Apps

How to Increase Sales of Skincare or Cosmetic Products Using a Shopify Quiz App

Learn how using a quiz app on Shopify can help increase sales of your skincare or cosmetic products. We'll give you tips on creating an effective quiz and explain the benefits of using quizzes to sell beauty products.
21-2-2022     eCommerce Sales Funnels Shopify Apps

Sell Skincare Products better with Product Recommendation Quiz

Learn how to sell more skincare products by integrating a product recommendation quiz into your eCommerce site. Here’s how you can run an effective and informative skin consultation online.
20-1-2022     eCommerce Sales Funnels Shopify Apps

10 Brands that need a Product Recommendation Quiz (with Examples)

As eCommerce growth continues, so does the demand for product recommendation quizzes. Here are ten brands who can benefit from adding one to their website
14-1-2022     eCommerce Shopify Apps
successful product recommendation quiz

How to build a successful Product Recommendation Quiz

Find out how to make the most of your online product quizzes and how they can boost eCommerce sales. Build an effective, customer-loved product recommendation quiz using our guide. Learn how to use Shopify apps for eCommerce and get inspiration from top brands like Sephora, Birchbox & more.
16-9-2021     eCommerce
ecommerce marketing guide

Product Recommendations – Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Guide

One of the best ways to reduce cart abandonment on your eCommerce store and improve overall sales is by using meaningful product recommendations. But, the mistake which you need to avoid is having product recommendations that your customer can’t relate with.
1-3-2021     eCommerce
d2c online store

5 ways your D2C store can compete with big marketplaces

There are a mind-blowing 7.9+ million retailers globally, and yet more than half of shoppers still start their shopping journey on one of a few popular online marketplaces. With years of experience, huge marketing budgets, and millions of products, online marketplaces are your biggest competitors.

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