Sending results to your customers via email

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The e-mail notifications feature lets you receive an e-mail every time your potential customers complete your quiz gives his contact details so you can follow-up with them if needed.

Additionally, you can configure your quiz to send the quiz results to your customers’ inbox so they can come back later to finish the purchase if they haven’t made up their mind yet.

To activate this feature, go to your quiz and navigate to the “Notifications > TO SELF” tab. You can receive an email every time someone completes the quiz and/or every time someone proceeds to the cart or checkout.

In the “Notifications > TO RESPONDENT” tab you can configure the email your customers will receive. You need to have an email question in your quiz to activate the email notifications to quiz respondents.

This way you’ll recover a high percentage of abandoned carts.

You can customize the email subject and message, recall the responses to the quiz’s questions and even include a discount or coupon code for your customers to redeem when they proceed to checkout.

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