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On the dashboard, you’ll find all the quizzes that you create.


Shopify Side Menu

dashboard side menu

Plans & Pricing – Opens the Plans & Pricing tab (in-app URL (

App Settings – Opens the App Settings menu.

dashboard top menu

Help – Opens the Success Checklist.

New quiz – Opens the New quiz setup menu.



dashboard notifications bar

view all – Opens a list of archived notifications.

“x” – Archives a notification.



dashboard tutorial quiz

Tutorial Quiz (copy) – A default quiz that explains how to use various app functions. Click on the quiz tile to open the Quiz Builder.

0 leads – Indicates the total number of quiz responses the quiz received.

– Opens quiz management options.

dashboard quiz menu

  • Edit – Opens the Quiz Builder.
  • Connect – Opens the Connect tab within the Quiz Builder.
  • Share – Opens the Share tab within the Quiz Builder.
  • Metrics – Opens the Metrics tab within the Quiz Builder.
  • Preview – Opens the Quiz Preview.
  • Publish – Publish quiz changes to the Preview/Live Quiz. (If you have not yet added the quiz to your website as a link or an embed, clicking “Publish” will simply update the preview.)
  • Make a copy – Create a copy of this quiz on the dashboard.
  • Export Responses as CSV – Generate a CSV file with quiz responses from the last three months. Once clicked a link will appear on your dashboard to download the CSV report. The link is valid for two hours.
  • Version History – Open the Version History tab in Quiz Builder > Quiz Settings.
  • Copy quiz ID: xxx – Copy the quiz ID of the current quiz.
  • Set as Default Quiz – Set as a default quiz to be displayed in the Shop App.
  • Delete – Delete the quiz.

dashboard quiz performance

Quiz Performance Overview – Highlights your quizzes performance during the last 30 days

show overview – Shows an overview of the quizzes metrics in the last 30 days.

show breakdown – Shows a detailed breakdown of the quizzes metrics in the last 30 days.


Tips & Tricks

Displays useful tips and tricks for building a better quiz.

dashboard tips

view all – Opens archived tips.


Success Checklist

To open the Success Checklist click on any of the ❓❗✅ 🔄 icons.

dashboard success checklist

❓ – Opens the Getting Started section of the Success Checklist.

❗ – Opens the To Do section of the Success Checklist. The number indicates the number of tasks to be completed.

✅ – Opens the To Do section of the Success Checklist. The number indicates the number of tasks completed.

🔄 – Opens the Sync section of the Success Checklist.

dashbaord success checklist sync app

run manual sync – Starts a full sync of your product catalog. The sync takes about 30 – 60 minutes to complete. If your store has more than 3,000 product variants, the sync can take longer. Please note that a full sync of your catalog is done every 24 hours.


New Quiz

new quiz page

start with an empty quiz – Choose this if you want to start with an empty quiz. Once clicked, a popup will show asking you to name the quiz (the name can be changed later in Quiz Settings).

new quiz empty add name

import quiz from another store – Allows you to import a quiz from another store by inserting a copy quiz code. Check How to Copy the Quiz from one store to another for detailed instructions.

Select from one of our Quiz Templates – Allows you to use one of our pre-designed templates.

new quiz add quiz from a template

live preview – Opens a live preview of the quiz templates.

use this template – Adds the template to your dashboard.

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