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Follow these steps to use our Product Recommendation Quiz for Magento.

Download Product Recommendation Quiz Module

To install the Product Recommendation Quiz app for Magento, first, download the following module and install it: Get the Module Installation File

Grant Permissions

After installing the module, you’ll have a new option in the Marketing tab called Product Quiz: Click on the Product Quiz option. There you’ll be able to grant permissions to our app:

Start building your quiz

After granting permission, you will be able to access your account and create a quiz: Read more about creating your first quiz or watch a tutorial.

Trouble during installation?

In case you want to reset the install you can do it on the Stores/Configuration tab: If you’re having other issues with the Magento installation, please reach out to support.

How to publish the quiz

Some Magento stores may need to add the following embed.js script before the </head> close tag in the header of the website:
<script src="" async></script>
Then, simply follow these instructions to publish the quiz in the store.
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Install the app and get started today

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