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Is your store build on Wix, Squarespace Commerce, or others? We got you covered!

RevenueHunt grants you the option to install a “standalone” version of our Product Recommendation Quiz app in a custom-built eCommerce.

This comes at a cost, though:

  • products have to be added manually to the app
  • the add to cart and proceed to checkout functionalities won’t work. After the user takes the quiz, they’ll see a results page where they can click on the products to view them.

Register for a standalone Product Recommendation Quiz

You can sign up for the standalone version of the Product Recommendation Quiz here:

All you need is an email and a password.

How to login

You can log in to your account here:

If you want to change the username or password, please contact support.

How to add products & collections

Products and collections can be added to the store manually in the catalog section of the app.

To add a product login to the app and go to

In the Catalogue section, click “+add new product”. Insert the Product name and details.

How to publish the quiz

After adding the products, the integration with the website is very similar to our headless commerce functionality. Add the following embed.js script before the </head> close tag in the header:

Then, simply follow these instructions to publish the quiz in the store.

For more information about the Callback function, please check this article.

Checkout Settings

With the standalone integration, products can’t be added to the cart directly because the quiz is on another site. However, there’s a workaround that allows changing the Results Page checkout settings in our app.

To do this, you have to change the Checkout Settings from “add to cart” to “link to product”

More info on how to change the Results Page settings here.

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