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Even though we have a lot of settings to make it very easy to change the look and feel and the content of the Results Page, there are times that you want to harness the power of the Product Recommendation Quiz but want to:

  • add custom behavior, texts or logic
  • display custom product recommendations
  • forward to any particular page on your store

We made it very easy for developers to tap into the quiz response and get all the information they need: individual answers to questions, triggered tags and recommended products.

To add your Custom JS Code, click on the Results Page Settings > Advanced Settings and scroll down to the Custom JavaScript section:

Try adding the following code:


Now, when you complete the quiz and go to the Results Page, your browser’s console will show you a preview of all the Vue.js functions and properties that are available in the prq scope:

Other interesting properties and functions

/* List of all the quiz slides/questions (including the responded values) */

/* get the slide/question value by passing the slide ID  */

/* List contents of the results page, blocks, products, etc. */

/* List recommended products, sorted by number of votes */

/* Show most voted product */

/* adds all the products to cart automatically */

/* proceeds to cart/checkout automatically */

/* retake quiz */

/* close quiz */

Trigger the prq functions from an element in the results page

You can do it two ways: Create an element in the result page and add the onclick functionality later via the Custom Javascript

<!-- In Result page in a HTML block -->
<!-- add a HTML element such as -->
<a id="special_retake_quiz">Click here to retake the quiz</a>
/* In the Custom Javascript section */
// get the element
var element = document.getElementById("special_retake_quiz");

// add the onclick function to the element
element.onclick = function() {

Or you can create the element in the Custom Javascript section with an onclick event first and then inject it in the results page.

/* In the Custom Javascript section */
// create the element
var element = document.createElement("a");
element.innerHTML = "Click here to retake the quiz"

// add the onclick function to the element
element.onclick = function() {

// get element that we are going to append in the result
// in this case at the end of the first block
var destination_element = document.querySelectorAll(".lq-block")[0];

Insert calculations

You can display the information you have gathered throughout the quiz and mash it up however you want. For example you could create a body mass index calculator the following way.

<!-- In Result page in a HTML block -->
<!-- add an HTML element such as -->
<div id="body_mass_index_calculation"></div>

/* In the Custom Javascript section */
// get the element
var element = document.getElementById("body_mass_index_calculation");

// get the values of the slides
var weight = prq.getSlideValue("rgiq0oE");
var height = prq.getSlideValue("0Mi2qLN");

// instead of using prq.getSlideValue you could do the same with this code:
var slide_weight = => === "rgiq0oE");
var slide_height = => === "0Mi2qLN");

var weight = slide_weight.attributes.values[0];
var height = slide_height.attributes.values[0];

// calculate the Body Mass Index
var bmi = weight / (height * height);

// insert the calculation on the element in the result page
element.innerHTML = bmi.toFixed(2); 

You can also load jQuery this way.

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