Recommending Products Based on number of User Choices

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How do I recommend products based on the number of user choices?

The recommendation process is based on how many choices the user selects out of the given set. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create collections. Create distinct collections for each group of products you wish to recommend, e.g., “1/10 choices selected,” “2/10 choices selected,” etc.
  2. Add hidden choices. In your final question, include a multiple-choice option that correlates with the aforementioned collections. This ensures that each choice connects to its respective recommended collection. Make sure to hide these choices from the user with custom CSS code.
  3. Add custom JavaScript. Using custom JavaScript, evaluate the choices selected throughout the quiz and write a piece of code that automatically selects one of the hidden choices in the last question. This will determine which product collection to recommend based on the number of choices the user made.

How can I ensure that users don’t see the choices in the last question?

You can hide these technical choices in the last question using custom CSS code. A guide on how to customize the quiz design can be found at Customize Quiz Design.

Where do I input the custom JavaScript code?

This article explains how to add custom JavaScript code to quiz questions. For example:


The custom JavaScript code should be integrated into the final question to assess the user’s choices and click the right choices in order to recommend a product collection accordingly.

How can I identify the selected choices from each slide or question with JavaScript?

To review the values or choice IDs selected for each slide/question, you can use the JavaScript console and search for the values:


Do I need advanced technical skills to set this up?

While the process isn’t entirely plug-and-play, with the assistance of a developer, it’s manageable. If you’re not familiar with JavaScript or CSS, seeking developer help is advisable.

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